Toys“R”Us Going Bankrupt – here is why


Toys“R”Us is going bankrupt.

Why did this happen to Toys“R”Us?

This company has shops all over the world, on every continent.

The reason is quite simple. They missed the eCom boat.

Local shops have a hard time now because eCom is booming.

Sure Toys“R”Us launched a webshop now, but it is way, way too late.

Not only that, they also neglected the affiliates with a 5 hour cookie

The world is changing fast. Local retailers will have BIG issues.

So what did most marketers do ???

Well, the number of web shops are booming. In fact, eCom reached a $1.2 TRILLION in 2013.

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Global eCommerce Sales

So if you leave that behind as an entrepreneur, you are loosing big time.BUT………


What all marketers do..

the most of the people they started a dropshipping website

Sure, dropshipping worked great for years, but more and more people are finding the sites where they get the stuff themselves.

Furthermore… if you have a dropshipping website…….. Google finds you and you will get a big slap from them.

So what now? Toys“R”Us isn’t dropshipping, it is a brand.

So this is what you need to know.

Are you a drop shipper?

(For those that do not know what dropshipping is, drop shipping is that you create a webshop, filled with products, that you buy in whosale from a vendor, and that vendor ships to the customer directly. So you do not have stock and a lot of problems that other vendors have.)

First of all, you need..

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to LEARN eCom.

But do think like an affiliate. That is the biggest mistake.

Think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs make the world go round.

So thinking as an entrepreneur, the thing you need to have is a BRAND.

This process is easier than you think.

Once you have build your brand, you can build the brand out

Not like Toys“R”Us , but the right way.

After that, you can certify yourself as an eCom specialist and start selling your eCom services to all the local brands for the big $$ as a consultant.

You can easily ask $5000 or more for every webshop you launch.

Now you are wondering, where do I get this kind of training for this and because we all have limited time, how long is this going to take.

The truth is , it takes only six weeks before you can start selling yourself as an eCom consultant.


So if you want to check out more and get some explanation of how you can achieve that, go here and watch the FREE video series



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