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Greetings! My name is Joe Wehrens and I have been in the internet marketing game for only 2 years now and growing FAST. If you have been looking for a solution to your traffic problems,
I have the ANSWER.
I understand what it takes to deliver
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So what makes my clicks so special? 
Simple. I build lists using methods that aren't saturated. Meaning you get your offer exposed to visitors who have NOT been abused by dozens of emails. This is my Word that I will prove to you with Results.
My Targeted Solo Ad Traffic works Best withMake Money Online and Biz Opp-Marketing Offers such as:
"My Traffic Is More Likely to Buy Your Information Products and Join Your Business Opportunity"
Whether you are promoting Network Marketing / MLM-Offers, Affiliate Offers, your own Products or Coaching, I will provide you with a Perfect Target Audience just full of Extremely Motivated Action-Takers who simply cannot wait to make their next purchase TODAY.
I know this might sounds too good to be true... But the fact is, I treat my list with respect and know how to communicate in a way that get's my clients results. **High Percentage Tier 1 traffic (80% guaranteed!!!) **I only use traffic from my “Opt-In Only List.” I will NEVER use exit pops rotators or any other garbage. **Traffic starts delivering Within Usually 48 hours 10% Over-delivery Guarantee - Orders of 500 clicks or more can take 5 days **IM/MMO/Biz Opp Based *All traffic is from paid sources like solo ads, PPC campaigns,YouTube and my email partners. *You’ll get a complete report that shows unique clicks, top tier percentages and IP addresses. **I will check upfront together with you if your campaign is optimized to be delivered through Solo Ads **I reserve the right to reject any offer that wouldn’t be a good fit for my list. If that happens, I will refund your money in full.
Premium Unique Solo Ad Clicks   
Contain at least 80% Tier 1 Countries (US, CA, NZ, AU, UK, IR) This List Is Very Responsive  And Has Proven Buyers.
1000 premium Clicks
1000 Premium Clicks - $0,48 CPC
500 Premium Clicks 
500 Premium Clicks - $0,50 CPC
400 Premium Clicks 
400 Premium Clicks - $0,50 CPC
300 Premium Clicks
300 Premium Clicks - $0.55 CPC
200 Premium Clicks 
200 Premium Clicks - $0,55 CPC
100 Premium Clicks 
100 Premium Clicks - $0,55 CPC
Supreme Unique Solo Ad Clicks
Contain 100% Tier 1 Countries (USA, Canada, UK, NZ, & AU 100%) Insanely Responsive  And Produces Buyers Very Often.   
1000 Supreme Clicks
1000 Supreme Clicks - $0,65 CPC
500 Supreme Clicks 
500 Supreme Clicks - $0,67 CPC
400 Supreme Clicks 
400 Supreme Clicks - $0,67 CPC
300 Supreme Clicks
300 Supreme Clicks - $ 0,68 CPC
200 Supreme Clicks 
200 Supreme Clicks - $0,68 CPC
100 Supreme Clicks 
100 Supreme Clicks - $0,70
I look forward to sending you some of the best traffic available. :)
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