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Show me how to Make Money with Bitcoins

Make Money with Bitcoins? When I googled “Show me how to Make Money with Bitcoins” you get TONS and TONS of offers.  I get approached with bitcoin offers daily and felt almost an aversion to this stuff. The one offer better than the other. I wanted to know more about it, but it seemed also hard…

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Online Sales Pro (OSP) goes Lifetime

Online Sales Pro (OSP) goes Lifetime But only for a Limited time Have you been approached by Online Sales Pro Marketers and thought that it was a very good option, but did the monthly costs hold you back? Grab this rare opportunity, that only lasts 8 days and has never been done before. In these…

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https secure

Moved from to http to https

I finally made the decision……. This site is from now on totally moved to https, so you see the padlock. Not only means that everything is secure now, but also that I am not a victim for the next Google update. OK. I will lose my rankings temporarily, but I need to be prepared for…

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Toys“R”Us Going Bankrupt – here is why

Toys“R”Us is going bankrupt. Why did this happen to Toys“R”Us? This company has shops all over the world, on every continent. The reason is quite simple. They missed the eCom boat. Local shops have a hard time now because eCom is booming. Sure Toys“R”Us launched a webshop now, but it is way, way too late. Not only that,…

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