Move inetpub folder including Plesk


I tried to do a move with my Windows Server and IIS 8.5 installed on it, together with Plesk.

I found a few scripts which you can use to move inetpub folder to D:\inetpub.

After trying this on a live server, where I used Xcopy, updated registry files , moved Plesk to the apropiate vhosts folder, repaired Plesk and IIS, I still ended up with strange behavior.

After many issues reolving I still get weird stuff, where Plesk tells me the database is inconsistent etc., files, still lokking is C:\inetpub,

I can only recommend the following:

If you have a Windows server with IIS and Plesk :

Do NOT try to move inetpub.

Just XCOPY ! with ACL parameters your inetpub folder to D, and then use The Plesk reconfigurator to move your hosts, backup, mail etc. to the new inetpubfolder.

Then leave the C:\inetpub in place.

All new hosts will be on your D drive and everything will work flawless.

Off course you must have NO DOMAINS configured yet in Plesk

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