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How to Start with “Make Money Online” for Beginners

This is a guide when you are interested in making money online.

Although it seems like an easy step it is not as simple as it looks, if you want to be successful to make money online. Some things are needed or you just end up struggling

Some things are needed or you just end up struggling.

What happens to must of us.

So you have seen all the advertisements from millionaires and your mind told you. I want to be like them. I want a piece of the pie.

So you gave your email in return of a free ebook. You have gotten the ebook and start thinking HELP; I have a bit knowledge of I do not know where to start off. Then you clicked some links in the follow-up emails, needed to leave your email address again and before you know it, your mailbox is flooded with offers. The one seems too good to be true, the other ones offer you to have this must have tool which is going to make you a lot of money.

So you start buying stuff. Your customer portal is full of handy software; you bought training after training, and then you realize: I did not make 1 dollar. Does this sound familiar?

Then you realize, hey I am on the wrong side of the fence. I do not want this, I want to be where the others are, the ones that make me money. Then you look at your mailbox, emails flooding in with enormous speed, and you feel totally overwhelmed.

So now you want to do it differently but are totally clueless.

So let’s start to make things organized.

PART 1. Create the right Mindset.

The first thing you need to do is to change your mindset from a customer to an entrepreneur.

What do I mean?

You need to get pumped up for what you want to achieve. So what is your vision.

So set yourself a goal and more importantly, when are you going to achieve that.

So what is your dream? What do I need to do to change that dream into a goal.

Don’t think too lightly about that; this is really important.

Here are some examples:

If you are a mom you can think: I want my children to be financially independent so that money won’t be a struggle in life for them.

If you are a student you can think: I want to have enough money so my scholarship is nothing to worry about and my future either.

If you are a hard working person you can think: I want to quit my job, I want to go places when I want, I want to live that laptop lifestyle.

If you are retired you can think: I hate to flip every dime twice before spending it, I am full of energy and be useful to the world.

If you are living a comfortable life you can think: I want to help other people, not by giving to charity, but by doing projects which I do myself. So when I leave this life, I put my stamp on this world.

If you are poor you can think: I want to be successful in life and leave the point where I am now.

So pause reading at this point, take pen and paper and start writing down your goal.

Done it ???

OK, now put that goal on your fridge, so you will be reminded every time you come into the kitchen.

It may sound stupid, but it is more powerful than you think.

Now you have to break down the dream, which is now your goal into smaller steps.

This year I am going to reach …….. and this is how I am going to do that.

Put hat down on a piece of paper also, and put it on the inside of your front door.

You have now completed the first step. Live your life by being aware of this, and let nothing hold you back.

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

It is all about developing your own life.

When you start working, you will work for 40 years.

You will work for somebody else, making him rich, and giving him your full potential (if you are lucky).

Then you are going to depend on social security for the rest of your life, with, if you are very very lucky, can have the life you had 40 years long.

You can’t do the big things you had planned in your life.

Furthermore, I had this webinar with my bank the other night, it was talking about the social security.

I must say, social security is still very good in my country, but they were talking about a number of people that is paying your social security when you get old. It seems that the number of people who need social security for their retirement is going to skyrocket and on the other hand, the people who are going to pay for it is going to decrease very fast. It came out that whoever is under the age of 40 will not get social security anymore when it is their turn. And they are increasing the age you get social security. When I started out, you could retire at the age of 59 if you wanted. Now it is 67, and when it is my turn it definitely is going to be 70.  Who wants to work till 70?

It came out that whoever is under the age of 40 will not get social security anymore when it is their turn. And they are increasing the age you get social security. When I started out, you could retire at the age of 59 if you wanted. Now it is 67, and when it is my turn it definitely is going to be 70.  Who wants to work till 70?

So watch this video about Entrepreneurship. It is funny in a way, but it is very serious.

So now you know why you want to be an entrepreneur.

Now you can continue to the next page.

PART 2 Starting your Business

So now you have your goals and your mindset in place, it is time for ACTION.

There are many ways to start making money online, but for startups, the easiest thing is to start with affiliate marketing. Once you master that you can do more profitable things.

What you must absolutely not do is starting with low-quality offers, like promoting get rich schemes, programs where your main income is to sell only that program itself.

Now that you are going to take action, you have to start the right way. You want to be above that: you want to grow into becoming an influencer yourself. If you do not do that, you will be struggling for years to make a buck.

You also want to have multiple income streams. What I mean by that is that you are not going to focus on 1 income source.

Look at it as a bucket. To have a monthly full bucket you need to fill it with stones (read money or income streams). You have to fill up your bucket with some sand, pebbles, bigger stones and big rocks to fill it up.

Let’s say you fill up your bucket with only one big rock. first of all, you have much room left in your bucket, but the most important: What happens if something happens with that rock? You can loose your income overnight. I have seen this with marketers in total panic and even bankruptcy.

You do not want to happen to you (for example, you are promoting on Facebook, and suddenly facebook thinks you are too spammy and simply close your account. or Google that makes a change to their algorithm and your first-page ranking is gone) You are dependent on other companies. That is scary, so you want to reduce that impact.

So you want a bucket that is filled with different stones, and it has to be consistent. If your monthly bucket is overflowing, just scale up and put a bigger bucket. What that means is that you have to create Multiple Streams of Income, or MSI’s and you want to have a minimum of 10.

If you are new to this world and do not know what affiliate marketing is, you can check this post. It shows you a basic overview of what affiliate marketing is.

So now you need:

  1. GOOD Offers you can promote
  2. Setting up your payment gateways
  3. Motivation to keep you going
  4. Traffic to your website (Free traffic, like social media marketing, like Facebook marketing, Instagram, Twitter and paid ones like Solo Ads, again facebook marketing, and many others).
  5. Setting up your MSI’s
  6. Setting up your tracking systems, so you can measure which advertisement is working the best.
  7. Starting email marketing and list building
  8. Set up your first website.
  9. Learning, Learning Learning
  10. A mentor that keeps you on your track

And this is just a nutshell. So now you have a problem, right?

Where do I find all this? Who is going to help me?

The answer is right here.

I am going to help you. The best part? It is for free. I will explain later how I can do this and still earn money.

I will:

  1. Give you access to high converting A class offers you can promote.
  2. Help you setting up your payment gateways
  3. Help you to grow
  4. Show you strategies how you can set up all your traffic
  5. Help you setting up your MSI’s
  6. Help you setting up your tracking systems
  7. Help you setting up your autoresponder
  8. Give you access to tons of (free) training
  9. Handheld support on your journey
  10. Exclusive access to groups where the marketers hang out and helping each other.

So, unleash the entrepreneur in you and sign up for free here

After that contact me by email (which you can find in the confirmation mail)

We will start the journey and I will show you amazing stuff.

So take action now !!! No risk, nothing to lose, only Value and Success


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