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Mailwasher Server Review


What is it?

Mailwasher Server is a simple to use SPAM filter to use on your Server for filtering SPAM in a unique filters out spam before it reaches your mail server

All marketers with their own server know this. We all send out our emails through an autoresponder, but because we accept responses to that, we are FLOODED with spam and even Bizzops from our subscribers

That is where Mailwasher Server comes in. It has state of the art scanning mechanisms, like Bayesian scanning, greylisting etc. I must say on most accounts on my server I have ZERO spam

What I like

Quite simple: I get ZERO spam. I tried different scanners in the past, but they are hard to manage, don’t have all the features, have a lot of false positives etc. This tool is so easy, you have a link in every mail in the rare case something has gone through, to add them to your blacklist at once. Every day you get a mail with everything that is blocked, so in the case there is a legit mail hidden in there, just hit the rescue button. What I like the most is the support. If you send these guys a mail, they respond quite fast and even look into your installation what went wrong. Having problems installing it? They do it for you. 101 !! This kind of service is often not given by high ticket products.

What I do not like

This one is hard, There is always something. OK, I figured one out:

They have a hook to integrate into Plesk, but no native integration with it. So you need to do some extra stuff if you have a control panel and want to integrate it.

Would I recommend it?

I have tested different kinds of anti-spam systems, from free till enterprise-grade, like Microsoft, GFI etc. But for us marketers, Mailwasher Enterprise Server is the absolute one to go for.

I rated it with a profitable potential in this case of 70 because it saves you a ton of your valuable time.

Where do I get it?

Mailwasher Server

Price 8.0
User friendly 9.0
Effectiveness 10.0
Profitable Potention 7.0


  • Server version of desktop app.
  • get a daily spam digest
  • awesome support


  • hard to set up as non techie