Four Percent Group

Four Percent Group Review and Bonuses


What is the Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group is an in-depth learning system to become a successful marketer. It is lead by Vick Strizheus and gives a hand on learning system to promote high-end affiliate products.

It is a membership, but you have the option to buy lifetime. Most of the communication is through Facebook. It provides a step by step set up of all your marketing funnels. It also provides the necessary strength that makes you want to succeed. It has so much potential, that this is the thing I would even sell my mother 🙂

For who is the Four percent Group?

Did you know that 96% of the (affiliate) marketers do not make $100 or more per month? This is where the 4% group steps in. It almost holds your hand by setting up everything from scratch. This very detailed and provided with complete funnel setup which you can just copy. it also helps to hold the focus on what you are doing.

The problem with most beginning marketers is that they jump on every train that comes along, one day they start with CPA marketing, a week after video marketing, then affiliate marketing and buy TONS of shiny objects. The main difference with other marketing courses is the personal help you get.

What I like about The Four Percent Group

What I like the most is the involvement of VickStrizheus and all the members. Although everybody is working for there own business, you get a lot of help from the community. More than once I got answers very quick when I got stuck. For FREE.

This is done because it is an always growing method, where the normal grow, peak and the saturation are eliminated. They work only with quality marketing tools, so when you set everything up, you are setting it up with the tools the most successful marketers use.

Everything is set up step by step so you don’t get lost in everything to do. it is updated daily with new stuff, they have webinars, provide sales funnels where you only have to fill in the blanks, but they also learn you to personalize everything, so your marketing is YOUR effort, and not a mass that does everything the same.

The Facebook group is the most active I have ever seen with motivation and help. They also have an ongoing learning system that explains how to earn $100.000 within the time you set yourself.

Keep in mind: you learn you to set up a profitable BUSINESS, so you have to work for it, as you would do in any other business. It is not for tire kickers, but for action takers. It has also very fresh views and out of the box thinking to succeed.

Update January 2018

They have updated the system where failure is almost impossible.

What changed is the daily “success pill” which you need to take.

it is a daily lesson which you need to implement.

Here are the topics:

Ingedrients of the success Pill

Furthermore, when subscribing over this page, you get One On One (101) coaching for free. That means you get over the shoulder support and guidance to set up your sales funnels, autoresponder, tracking, and the list goes on.

If for whatever reason you do not like it, just stop after 7 days, and ask for a refund

What I do not like about The Four Percent Group

The one thing that can hold you back is the fact that it is a membership, so a monthly fee. But you can buy lifetime. So it is not cheap, but because of the value you are getting it is worth every penny. it also has to do with the A-level marketing tools you need. So if you are spending your last dollar, do not buy it. But if you compare it to similar products out there, which costs $1000 to $5000, this is a bargain.

After a little while, you laugh about the cost.

Would I recommend the Four Percent Group?

If you are making less then $100 per month and want a massive growth with help and motivation, this is the system you want. But it is up to you, look at the video if the vision Vick has is something you can resonate with. If you get excited, this is the system you should absolutely use. It is taking the affiliate marketing world by storm and to the next level.

Update 2019

In the beginning, the four percent group focused on being a company, that wanted to make you money with them and learn at the same time. That was a construction MOBE for instance used too. Mobe was suid by the FTC, and the Fourpercent did not want that is happening to them too.

So they changed their strategy and transformed into a learning platform ONLY.
That creates a huge benefit. They integrated tons of pieces of training in there, and many of them are FREE. The quality remains the best in the market today.

My coaching program is still in place, so after you learn, I help you one on one to implement what you have learned. HOWEVER: I do not offer this to anyone anymore. On this website, you can enroll for $1997.

But: For a limited time, I still do this for free. Just mention that you have joined through my website and I wave you the 1997 fee. I WILL remove this line of text in the future, either because I have a few new students signing up, or I do simply do not have the time anymore to do this for free.

Where do I get it?

Four Percent Group

Price /functionalty 10.0
User friendly 10.0
Profitable Potention 10.0


  • THE Best training Platform
  • Daily lessons to keep on tack
  • Free courses available
  • Step by Step training
  • Affiliate commisions through the system


  • Price if you are not serious about this