The new 2017 Facebook Algorithm Updates

Facebook Algorithm changes


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What do you need to know about the new Facebook Algorithm

Facebook changed their algorithm….. Again.

If you are using Facebook for personal use, you should be fine, but what if you are an entrepreneur with LOTS of friends and need to be seen by everybody?

Then you have to follow some rules to be seen on other’s people timeline, or else you will just not show up. 

1. Congratulate people on their birthdays

Facebook is all about interaction between people, so make sure you congratulate people. Make sure you are using emoticons. The best thing to do is not to just write from the birthday page, but head over to their profile and put something in there. You may want to use the backgrounds provided by Facebook because you get higher engagement. Also, tag the person in the congrats

2. Reply to Comments

If you get a comment on a post, make sure you at least LIKE the comment, it is even better to reply, but the least you need to do is to like it. Not only on your own timeline but everywhere.

3. Make no more than 40 friend requests each day.

Make sure that you divide them between 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening. When you are doing (a lot) more, you can end up in the Facebook jail. Especially if you have very low to no mutual friends. Look at their profile first and like at least one post.

4. If you are doing the ‘More Info then comment’ thing…

Make sure you reply with a link and ask for /send a confirmation. Otherwise, the Facebook algorithm thinks it is a dead connection and remove them from the timeline.

5. Video Video video…….

Video is the new hot thing. Post videos whenever you can. Not links to youtube videos, but your own. Whenever possible do them through a Facebook Live. That is the best thing to do for the algorithm. Feeling uncomfortable? Do a facebook Live that is only visible to you, until you know you look confident enough. Have you done a facebook live?

Then make sure you get back into the live, and like and comment on every response.

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6. Create Shareable Content

Create content on your wall that is motivational, inspirational, humorous, educational and valuable. Make sure you mention in the title encouraging people to share it.

Quality over Quantity. Facebook and Instagram are different here. Facebook is more about relationships, Instagram is more about quantity. Quotes: Facebook loves when you use a picture of you in the background.

Create short text posts for maximum exposure.

Create longer posts with emojis in every line. Make sure that people read the whole story, otherwise, Facebook penalizes it as being uninteresting. You need likes and comments for maximum exposure and engagement. 

7. Narrow your audience

You just want high engaging people as friends, so when you are making friends, check out their profile and make posts for that exact audience. So create content for your target audience, gender, and age group. You can ask in a post for instance where everybody is coming from, so when you are doing Facebook ads, you already know your audience. So you create a custom audience.

8. Facebook Lives

As said before, a video is the best thing to do, but Facebook Lives makes the algorithm very happy.

Do a review about a product, your business, value. Facebook Lives get more than 3 times more exposure and people stay longer than a normal video.

Start short and sweet. Start with 2 minutes. An FB Live once a week will make you stay nervous about doing them, so grow a habit of doing them more often. Slowly expand the time you are live, so people are used to your content and they engage longer. When you become the authority, you will see the likes and loves exploding your screen. As said before, always go back to the live afterward and engage with your viewers.

9. Advanced techniques

Whenever you are in a hotel, a conference, airports take pictures from there, find their Facebook business page, use the same tags as they are using and your pictures are boosted on their on their page, bringing you free traffic.

Collaborate with influencers, celebrities, leaders. FB live with influencer for an interview, let them try a product. mention their name. You are going to appear on theirs. A week ahead tell people you are going to do an FB live announcing it on your wall. When the date is approaching, remember them the event is coming.

Define a strategy for your wall: What do you want to achieve: more likes, brand awareness, more followers, more sales?

After each month review the achievements. Are you getting too little results than you were expecting? Learn from what you did and do it better next month. Consistency is king. Do not rely on one post to measure results, always take a month because you want to review your strategy, not the results from one post. That is for short-term thinking. You want long-term results. 

Of course, there are ways to automate things. A tool I use to achieve this can be found here <–

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