Everlesson Review – is it worth it ?


What is Everlesson?

because of its popularity, I decided to create a review on Everlesson. Everlesson is a very powerful membership site software, where you can host all your lessons.

You can use different file formats. You can host video’s you created on, for instance, Dropbox, Vimeo, Amazon, and even your own website

It has strong gamification build in, that means that you can grant rewards to people who completed steps, so you can have great interaction and engagement.

It has built-in themes where you can choose from and the sales pages are created automatically.

The standard is very high and it is a separate cloud software that NOT integrates with WordPress. So your students do not have to log into your site and it doesn’t  slow down your site

For who is it?

Everlesson is for the experienced marketer who wants to build big membership sites with a lot of features or anybody who wants to have a full featured membership site.

What I like

What I like is the flexibility you can set everything up.

You will have:

Stunning designs.

No need for an own website

It is profitable.

It is the Mercedes under membership sites

Create multiple levels and packages.

Integrates with Facebook Live

Reviews And Ratings

What I do not like

Everlesson is not for the person that starts with a membership site for the first time. You will be overwhelmed, although everything is set up logically. if you want to start with membership sites, Optimizepress is the much better choice

Packages and levels I find confusing


Would I recommend it?

If you want a membership website that is hosted, with tons of features and easy to set up. Go for this one. Once you understand how it works, you will LOVE this platform.

I think it is one of the best ones out there. The price is the only thing to consider, if you do not want to spend so much, you can go for WordPress integrated platforms like Optimizepress. Do you want worry free, a ton of features and separate it from your WordPress site, look no further.

Hint: When you look closely to this website, you will find that this site is built with OptimizePress, but the courses on the top are created in everlesson 😉

Where do I get it?

Check out their sales page here

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Price /functionalty 10.0
User friendly 9.5
Profitable Potention 10.0


  • Most complete membership site software
  • High quality
  • Gamification included
  • Monetization Included
  • Funnel builder included


  • Only for established marketers