Clickfunnels Review and Bonuses

ClickFunnels Review And Bonuses


ClickFunnels Review And Bonuses

This Review is about Clickfunnels, Website builder, Landingpage builder and Marketing Center with its focus on marketers.

It can build for instance:

    • Lead Pages
    • Video Sales Pages
    • Email Collection Funnel (Opt-in Funnel)
    • Membership Funnel and Site
  • Product Funnels with OTO (One Time Offer)

And it does it within minutes and very easy.

Here you will find the comparison between Clickfunnels and its biggest competitor Leadpages

Differences Clickfunnels and other builders


Leadpages (Advanced)

A/B Split Testing



Complete Page Funnel Builder



Custom SEO Meta Keywords



Drag & Drop Page Editor



Easy 3rd Party Email Integrations



Internal Affiliate Program



International Currency Ready



Membership Sites



Price per month



Software Type?

Web Application

Web Application

Webinar Funnels


Yes, but not stored

Clickfunnels have a lot of competitors, but because its easy to use features, makes it the winner.

What is a funnel ? A funnel is the sales process that you lead your potential customers through to learn about you and/or your product(s) and ultimately decide whether or not to opt-in to what you are offering. Funnels are a powerful tool for driving your objectives, like:

  • Purchasing your product
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Joining a membership site
  • Attending your upcoming webinar

Clickfunnels is suitable for almost every online marketer. It was first a website builder that was created by Russel Brunsson, who needed a funnel builder for his own. Now Clickfunnels is the market leader in the branche. It is suitable for:

Ѕmаll business оwnеrѕ
Іntеrnеt marketing рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ
Dіgіtаl еntrерrеnеurѕ
Соасһеѕ and lеаԁеrѕ
еВооkѕ and Іnfо-рrоԁuсt аutһоrѕ
Рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ and МLМ mаrkеtеrѕ
Wеbіnаr ѕреаkеrѕ
Рrоԁuсt lаunсһеѕ and еvеntѕ

What I like

Because it is so easy to use, and you can create professional looking sales funnels in minutes, it is suitable for the newbie AND the experienced marketer. In fact, it is used by many multimillionaire marketers out there.

Because of the tons of templates, which come with it, you have a campaign running in minutes.

What I also like is the very big help library, with explainer videos

The biggest advantage, that it makes stand out of the crowd is that you can share funnels, that means, that you can build funnels for clients or students, and they can import the funnel with a single click.

What I also like is that they have an internal affiliate program, so with a few sales, it covers your own costs.

What I don’t like

Well, the main disadvantage is the price. It costs $97 a month.

That is why I did a complete sales funnel that you can import, and get all the training to monetize your funnel right away.

Would I recommend it

Yes, very much, because you WILL have the Mercedes under the funnel builders. That combined with all the powerful features it has, it is a no brainer.

If you add the generous affiliate program that comes with it, it’s membership doesn’t cost you anything, but even makes you money fast.

So what I will do, when you sign up with this Clickfunnels Review below, I will add some bonuses that make your decision a lot easier.

When you sign up for a FREE trial, you will get:

A done-for-you sales funnel, where you can give away a free ebook, in exchange for their email address.

An extra funnel where you can make money from clickfunnels right away, it comes also with training.

A membership site with additional training and tools, especially for these funnels, with step by step tutorials.

Free over the shoulder support where I help you set up your funnels with you.

When you decide to stick around, I even have more free funnels for you, together with the affiliate programs that come with it

Where do I get it?

If you want to have the full benefits of this Clickfunnels Review, you can start your online business right here:

It does not show up front that this is a signup from Clickfunnels, but it is. It is actually the start of using and monetizing Clickfunnels FAST.

If the price is still too high for you, or do not believe you can have your investment back within your trial, you can choose BuilderAll, a complete marketing toolkit


Price 8.5
Newbie friendly 9.0
Profitable Potention 10.0
(Auto) webinar funnels included 10.0
membership sites included 9.5


  • Easy to Learn
  • Share funnels with others
  • Most Options - Flexible
  • Market Leader
  • Protable Potention


  • Price when not having Affiliates