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We all recognize this…… Over a period of time your Windows PC gets slower……. and slower……. and slower…..

Until the moment you want to throw it out of the Window.

Is doing that the right solution ?

Need to reinstall ?

Nope. Just follow these steps to make it back lighting fast, when you got it.

I wrote this article after a client with a red hat dropped a laptop at my desk claiming it was worthless.

Can you look into this ? Sure I can.

So lets get into the technical stuff of making your PC new.

First of all it this guide is more for the experienced user. it assumes you will find the stuff /settings I talk about.

  • Often I see that the machine hasn’t been logged in for a while, the main reason it is slow because it is downloading updates for months ! Install the updates, reboot, check for updates again, and again, until it finds no more updates, this can take hours. (Often updates are installed as a previous one has been installed, so you need to check more then once)
  •  Got to Control Panel, find add /remove programs (Win 10 you find this under system /apps) and delete all the old software you do not use. please leave stuff like java, flash and software where you are uncertain off.
  • Delete all the browser toolbars you do not use, in the browsers, do also delete the plugins you do not use.
  • Reboot your machine
  • Install ccleaner from .They have a free version, but you have to look for it, the of course want you to have the paid version, but it has no extra features we need here.
  • Configure ccleaner with the following settings:
















ccleaner settings








  • Now let it cleaner your PC totally
  • Now click on the register tab, let it scan and repair all settings. if it askes you if you want to save a backup, please do!!!
  • Reboot your machine, open ccleaner again and goto the tools section. Goto startup and disable everything you do not need on startup of your computer.
  • Now open a command prompt Start -|> type cmd and rightclick the Icon and choose run as administrator
  • type in the following command set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 and hit enter
  • now type in start devmgmt.msc and hit enter
  • In the device manager Window that opens up choose in the menu bar view hidden devices
  • Now start working your way through and delete ALL greyed out devices EXCEPT: RAS ASync Adapter (if any) And the Non plug and play devices.
  • If you have a harddrive installed it is good to defragment at least the the C: drive, if you have an SSD do NOT defragment your drive, because it is not neccesary and it will shorten the life time of your SSD drive.
  • Reboot. I manged to boot up a Windows 7 PC which loaded more then five minutes to reduce this to a minute.

Please share your results in the comments below 🙂Computer Question

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