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Channel Authority Builder Review – Think beyond optimization, this one is about right video positioning, literally!


In a nutshell, what is Channel Authority Builder?

You have been trying really tough with search phrases as well as backlinks as well as don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Well right here is an item that can rate you albeit differently virtually in camouflage. What’s that?

Well, Channel Authority Builder is a special product designed to bring your video to the suggested videos section or the sidebar on YouTube as well as draw traffic from there.

Who is Channel Authority Builder for?

Do you have a YouTube network? If yes, after that look no better, you definitely need this. Regardless of what your specific niche is. It is for everybody that gets on YouTube. This device can push your channel sees up in no time. Whether is a novice or a veteran, it does not issue. People who can profit are:

  • Video marketers
  • Associate marketing experts
  • Digital online marketers
  • Vloggers
  • Blog writers
  • Offline Business
  • Neighborhood marketers
  • Any type of YouTuber!

What I like about Channel Authority Builder?

While other paid tools focus on ranking your video before you post it, this tool MONITORS your ranking throughout the process, so you can always change settings

What I do not like about Channel Authority Builder?

Well, it is a monthly payment recurring tool. But the competitors use this as well. It is monthly because it will keep monitoring your youtube channels at all times

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Channel Authority Builder

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Channel Authority Builder

Price /functionalty 10.0
User friendly 9.0
Profitable Potention 9.5


  • No need for creating backlinks
  • Software AND training
  • You wILL get YT Authority
  • Compare your videos with competition
  • Cheap in comparison with competitors


  • Learning Curve