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Boost Review And Bonuses


What is Boost?

Boost is a SaaS software, that gives your opt-in, signup, and sales pages an additional way to get engagement.

So there is an enormous potential, and the way people can engage with your landing pages.

So the best thing to show what Boost can do is showing with  some images:

What if you could change this:

email signup form

Into this:

Boost with additional options

Can you imagine what this would for your opt-in rate in the first place?

Not to forget the 1 click opt-in for mobile AND eliminating the typos and fake email addresses just to get your lead magnet?

I was granted access to the platform before it launches and what I found blew me away.

What I Like about Boost

Ir is really a golden nugget every marketer should use in their opt-in pages, as it is something really new for affiliate marketers.

Social Sign Up simply works:

Boost Statistics

And :

Boost Social Signup proof

The software is easy to use, out of the box, just create a link, and add a button to your website.

You can make it complicated if you want, with your own apps, but you can add this to your opt-in pages in minutes.

Also the price point in which boost is being sold now, is a massive value for nothing.


What I do not like about Boost.

Well, the only consideration I can think of is that it is a SaaS software, that means that clicking the button is hosted somewhere else, so if the server is down for some reason, you might loose traffic.

Would I recommend Boost ?

Absolutely! not only do you get real email adresses and can forget about typos, but you also are going to get addresses that people use on a daily basis.

Furthermore, due to the new GDPR legislation, for ALL european leads, you can add a confirmation page that they will be signed up to a list.

Where do I get it ?

You can check out the bonus page for Boost here

Or you can go directly to the sales page here

Newbie friendly
Profitable Potention

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