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Internet marketing Abbreviations

  101 – One on One, Used by marketeers if they give you peronal support (email, skype etc.) AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action Marketers way to make customers from leads defined as a square AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript And XML This kind of website coding allows dynamic updates without refreshing the page. API –…

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How to recognise good PTC sites

  Some of us use PTC sites to generate some income. But how do you know if they really going to pay you or if it is a scam ?? Truth is, you can make a bit of money when you start-up an online business and do not have any money to start with. One…

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How to Start With Internet Marketing

    Are you walking all over the internet and wondering where to start to make money online. Where to start, what to do. Maybe you bought already some stuff, didn’t know exactly what to do. Or you bought stuff, thought this is great…… Got another offer… bought that, started with it, went to the…

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Dangers of URL shortening

            Two researchers have looked at the risk of the use of short URLs , such as those generated by Google, Microsoft and See this pdf It appears that the shortened links, sometimes areonly six characters long, are easy to guess, just by trying lots of combinations. In some…

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