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marketing campaigns 4 tactics

4 tactics that all marketing campaigns should have

4 Tactics that all Marketing Campaigns should have   In the marketing world, all posts and offers should at least have the following content into them to make them convert. I see too many marketers are not following these simple steps   1. GRAB ATTENTION   Algorithms deliver more relevant content to people creating a…

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affiliate networks picture

Affiliate networks, what you need to know

What you need to know about these affiliate platforms There are many affiliate platforms available, but they have downsides. I will discuss some of them here. If you run a business, it is important that you make a wise decision. Making money online has to be sustainable, scalable and residual. if you had 1 successful…

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Clickbank Gravity explained

Clickbank Gravity Explained And How You Can Pick Converting Products

What is the Clickbank gravity (Updated for 2019) Clickbank Gravity explained and what it means for you when selecting a product to promote as an affiliate from Clickbank?  There is a good deal of confusion about what Clickbank gravity is in a nutshell is. If you’re newer, just starting and looking at Clickbank to making…

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affiliate marketing offer Checklist

Affiliate Marketing Offer Checklist

Affiliate Marketing Offer Checklist Imagine giving a newbie affiliate marketer a walkthrough of your campaign. you would want everything covered. what should you be tracking? Whenever I am going to do an affiliate marketing Offer there is a lot of stuff to do. I create this article for you, so you can make sure, you…

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