Boost, add multiple signup ways

Boost Review And Bonuses

What is Boost? Boost is a SaaS software, that gives your opt-in, signup, and sales pages an additional way to get engagement. So there is enormous potential, and the way people can engage with your landing pages. So the best thing to show what Boost can do is showing with  some images: What if you could change…

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Blooom converts your YT videos

Blooom went live together with my Bonuspack

Blooom went live Blooom just launched, and I think it is awesome. What does Blooom do? Blooom lets you grab ANY Youtube URL and converts it in an article. Other similar tools do this by grabbing the description from a Youtube video, but this tool converts the actual Video and changes it into Text. For…

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The new 2017 Facebook Algorithm Updates

Facebook Algorithm changes

What do you need to know about the new Facebook Algorithm Facebook changed their algorithm….. Again. If you are using Facebook for personal use, you should be fine, but what if you are an entrepreneur with LOTS of friends and need to be seen by everybody? Then you have to follow some rules to be seen on other’s…

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5 things to give up if you want to be successful

5 Things you need to give up if you want to be successful

5 Things you need to give up if you want to be successful The 5 things are mentioned in the movie below, which I teach to all my students   The Following 5 things you must “de-learn”. Dream in small pieces. Dream BIG and set BIG goals, do not divide them into small chunks Give…

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