Who I am:

I am the type of guy who did many things in life.

Started out by working in a Zoo, which was quite fun to do, I needed to change job, because I could not live from the the small income it provided.

So I did a LOT if things  in life. I worked in construction, I was a salesman, I was a real estate agent, worked in a shop.

That all wasn’t to my satisfaction.

Then I landed in IT. This was fun to do. So I did this for the last 17 years.

I did projects, I was a detail person, so I had my hands full of managing the whole network of an energy and utility company and was thinking…. OK, this is what I am going to do until I retire.

Bad thinking….. After my boss retired, they hired a new one, which was from another company.

Soon my team found out that he wanted to throw all staff out and replace it with ones from HIS company.

So after 16 years of being very good in my job, I noticed his arrows were pointed to me. Bummer.

I thought to myself, well I am not going to wait until this happens.

As I was 51 one at the moment, finding another job would almost be impossible.

So I needed to start for myself. And that was what I did and started my own company.

I am in the online marketing business since 2016. After struggling for a while I had something like….

OK….. I am BUYING a lot of stuff and courses, but this is wrong to do. I need to be on the other side of the fence.

So that was the moment I started out to do MY own stuff.

So I became an affiliate marketer.

Right now I managed to create myself an online income, doing coaching, so my students can implement the stuff I am doing without making the same mistakes I did. (yes, I am a coach too). So right now I am pursuing to reach my goals in life. When I reach one, I create an even bigger one.

That is the mindset in this business. Think BIG and work for it.

The same counts for you. Take ACTION NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, or when your sales funnels are 100%.

But beware, when you start a business it means you have to invest in it. With time and money.

And the persistence to NEVER GIVE UP.

The road to success takes a while and goes up and down

My Mission

My mission over here is to provide you valuable information over what is all scattered over the internet. And to provide this information in one single place. This website is all about you to learn what you need to do, what tools you need, 

My Values

My values are very simple. I do not want to be some other guy claiming to have the best solution, opinion or whatever. My value is to provide ONLY TOP information, TOP reviews and TOP products. you don’t find any “get rich fast schemes”.

My values for my students are that they can rely on me, that they get one on one coaching and I help them set up their business with over the shoulder support. I really care.

My Solution

Filter out all the c***p that is out there and provide only what is best for you. regurly updated TOP content, written by myself, or what I think is valuable. You WILL get tons of ideas to make a complete picture what is in you’re niche.

If you want to be my student, or want to find out how I can help you (for FREE), don’t hesitate to contact me 

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