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4 tactics that all marketing campaigns should have


4 Tactics that all Marketing Campaigns should have

In the marketing world, all posts and offers should at least have the following content into them to make them convert.
I see too many marketers are not following these simple steps


Algorithms deliver more relevant content to people creating a massive competition for their attention
It’s your task to grab their attention, to stand out and show that you’ve got something that’s worth a few minutes of their time
The image is the main factor for grabbing attention in your marketing campaigns, 
If you do not have an image, create one on Canva
Make sure that it makes people stop when scrolling their news feed.
make the text as short as possible
I threw out my social media tools
instead of
New social media tool replaces all others.
Comment for info
if you want to stand out of the masses, google for “disruptive marketing” and get some ideas on how to do that.


You need to make it clear for people what they’ll get, What is in it for them in all marketing campaigns
Know your product, know your audience and hit the target with a promise that will be very appealing for them
Look at this example: 
Amazing Course Reveals 5 Killer Strategies For Internet Marketers
Learn 5 Methods To Triple Your Conversion Rate In 7 Days
Which one is more appealing ??
Yes, it is the last one.
With the first one, you just have something like, yeah, another opt-in tool.
The second one creates curiosity
For knowing your product, it is always good to know the product you are selling. 
It gives you the authority on the product, and credibility if you are selling something you use yourself.


People will be skeptical about your promise, so make it sound realistic and achievable
People need to believe that what you’re claiming will indeed happen if they take the offer
Let’s look at this example: 
Amazon is giving away $1,000 gift cards, just register to get yours
Amazon shoppers can take a survey to get a chance to win a $1,000 gift card
Which one is better??
The first one you see a lot in Facebook groups. Those marketing campaigns also get a very low response and are considered scammy.


After you grab attention, convince people that you have something for them and that it’s doable, you need to make them
leave the comfort zone and act
Procrastination and laziness are our enemies and we have to fight them to get conversions
Give people a reason to act immediately, instead of waiting another day
These are a few things that can help you create urgency:
Limited spots
Limited inventory
Better Odds
A marketing term for that is FOMO (Fear Of Missing out)
Scarcity is also a kind of FOMO.
According to scientific literature, scarcity simply means that we place a higher value on objects that are scarce or rare.
So “Only X spots available” is scarcity, not urgency.
Do not overdo this.
For example,  if you have a shop and everything is on sale, the offers are not trustworthy, and you lose credibility
It affects your next marketing campaigns
If you are using this tactic in emails, make sure you personalize them. 
If you are using this tactic on a landing page, a countdown timer is THE way to go.
Make sure that all these tactics in your marketing campaigns.
Also, make sure you read the post about the Facebook algorithm changes and how you can boost them here

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