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10 Tips on how to show up in the Facebook News-feed (algorithm update)


Yes, Facebook has updated its algorithm ( AGAIN )

Whether or not you show up in the newsfeed of your Facebook friends depends on many factors. of course, If you are on Facebook just for family and friends, it doesn’t matter, you will show up. If you are a marketer with 5000 friends and have not an established brand, it is a whole different story. you want engagement as high as possible and beat the algorithm.

Here are 10 tips on how you can increase your message to show up in your friends’ news feed.

1. Facebook measures how long people are on your page

When you do a live, Facebook measures not only the number of attendees but also how long people follow the live, if they are engaging. 

If you create a long post, where people have to click the see more, they determine how long people would need to read the whole post.

When you create a picture, they will measure how long you look at it.

The takeaway from this tip: bring VALUE for maximum exposure, post selfies now and then.

2. Facebook checks if posts are sent through messenger

This one will give you massive exposure. If a post is sent through messenger, Facebook thinks a post is so important that you shared it though messenger.

So If you are doing the  “comment info”, make sure you send a link to the post as well. It could be something like, hey I saw you commented on this post (link) so here is the info you requested. For me, when people get back to me, it is a good reminder, because I sometimes forgot what where I commented on and have something like, hmmm, what is this about. It solves this issue as well. VERY IMPORTANT TIP

3. Multiple replies to a post

If you get a comment on a post, make sure that you do not only like that comment but also reply to the content, in a way that you get an answer back.

Try to use a different emoji than the normal like button. Tag the person you are replying to. Also, head over to the commenter and comment on THEIR posts, so you will build up an active audience

4. Overall engagement on a post

As soon as you make a post, it is important that you get immediate likes and comments. This will be boosting your post. So engage back, engage, engage, engage

5. Decide the time to post to the time when your target market is online

This is, of course, important for tip 4. Which country are they from  (you can ask in facebook lives for instance)? Do not just post because it is convenient for you. You need to post when your audience is online.

6. What type of content are you posting

Is it a live, a picture, a quote, is it a picture with text?

Right now (2018) Facebook favors stories. It is not the story button, but they want to see you talking to people in your posts. So forget about the Google quotes you have found. They want you to be connecting with your audience. It doesn’t have to be a long story, you can also do 2 lines of what you are occupied with at the moment of the day. VERY IMPORTANT TIP

7. Stop Liking randomly

Do not use the Facebook like button, but the other emojis

If you are going to like all the posts once you logged in, it is HURTING your possibility to show up on their newsfeed. Only interact with posts that you want to interact with, and do it with a heart, funny or wow. For the busy marketers out there: Do 5 emoji’s (other than like), do 5 comments a day. That is enough. Facebook will “profile” you of what you are liking and looking at. So if it is the same 20 people that show up on your timeline over and over, it is not because of the algorithm in general, but you interact with the same people over and over. So if you see something happening like this, it is a sign that you need to change your engagement. get in contact with people on your friends list.

In addition to that, you only have 5000 friends, but people can follow you. You will not see their content, unless you go back to their profile, follow back and make sure you change the following setting to “see first”. You can have a maximum to “see first” for 20 people. So if you are maxed out with 5000 friends, get in contact with them, and tell them this option.

8. Do sharing wisely

Always do a facebook share with your own title

This is also an important tip. People like to share a lot of stuff, but you have to do it for your own benefit. Always make sure when you shared without making a headline,  hit reply, go back and edit the post WHY you are sharing this. As a result, YOU get the engagement credibility and not the person from the original post. Also, if you do not do this, Facebook doesn’t let it show up in the newsfeed, as it is duplicate content. It will hurt your impact on the algorithm. 

Do NOT share content more than 3 times a week. It hurts your credibility as a marketer because you are not the authority, but give it away to others. Make sure your shares are among your other posts.

9. Facebook wants to rebrand itself as a Knowledge platform

They want to get rid of ALL the spammy stuff, pitching etc. Make informational posts. YouTube is their biggest competitor and thread, so they checked out why people go there. They have found out that people goto YT because they want to be entertained and search for information. So that are key points you must focus on being on Facebook. They will favor your posts in the algorithm much, much more. How do I entertain, inspire, motivate? 

10. Facebook decides if you are an active or a passive user

facebook Algorithm punishment for being passive

if you are a passive user, just scrolling and doing nothing, the algorithm classifies you as a passive user. You will get penalized for that. This will show up on getting only 4 or 5 likes on your post..

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, and feel free to share this content.

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