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Clean up Windows PC or laptop

Computer Question We all recognize this…… Over a period of time your Windows PC gets slower……. and slower……. and slower….. Until the moment you want to throw it out of the Window. Is doing that the right solution ? Need to reinstall ? Nope. Just follow these steps to make it back lighting fast, when you got it. I wrote this article after a client with a red hat dropped a laptop at my desk claiming it was worthless. Can you look into this ? Sure I can. So lets get into the technical stuff of making your PC new.
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Cryptolocker and other Ransomware

            Last year we had a lot more than usual load of virus attacks. Many of my clients and friends had the scare of the year. We are talking about the Crypto Locker virus, which is found in many forms. 2016 is also known as the year of the Crypto Locker viruses. Be warned Those encrypting virusses are also known as Ransomware
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Move inetpub folder including Plesk

I tried to do a move with my Windows Server and IIS 8.5 installed on it, together with Plesk. I found a few scripts which you can use to move inetpub folder to D:\inetpub. After trying this on a live server, where I used Xcopy, updated registry files , moved Plesk to the apropiate vhosts folder, repaired Plesk and IIS, I still ended up with strange behavior. After many issues reolving I still get weird stuff, where Plesk tells me the database is inconsistent etc., files, still lokking is C:\inetpub, I can only recommend the following: If you have a Windows server with IIS and Plesk : Do NOT try to move inetpub. Just XCOPY ! with ACL parameters your inetpub folder to D, and then use The Plesk reconfigurator to move your hosts, backup, mail etc. to the new inetpubfolder. Then leave the C:\inetpub in place. All new hosts will be on your D drive and everything will work flawless. Off course you must have NO DOMAINS configured yet in Plesk